Revealing mathematical secrets
of the Chinese language

hanzi hanzi


We develop algorithms that harness machine learning, network theory, and cognitive science to make learning Chinese easier. These include techniques for optimizing the learning order of Chinese characters and words, measuring the readability of Chinese text, and adapting spaced-repetition algorithms to account for the unique features of the Chinese language.


James Loach is a former particle physicist and expert in data analysis, who has worked at the University of Oxford, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Shanghai Jiaotong University. He is not a natural linguist and the ideas behind Sinophenia were born of frustration during his long (and continuing) struggle to master the beautiful Chinese language.


We also develop and license tools for analyzing texts aimed at Chinese learners, and are producing a unique cognitive science-based series of graded readers under the imprint Tangerine Chinese.


Some of our research has been published, and other works are forthcoming. We build custom algorithms and tools based on this work and our many other insights into Chinese language learning. Contact us to learn more.